Echoing his work in architecture, in his practice as an artist, he questions the limitations of the two disciplines.

Şevki Pekin Architecture
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Anterior Forms

Vienna, Austria

Exhibition, 2016

Exhibited at Galerie Mekan 68, Vienna, Austria.

“Anterior Forms” embodies works from the series “Digital Painterly” and “Gradients”. Works within this show investigate the impact of computer-based imagery and a unique painterly effect. Digitally created images have the tectonic qualities of a traditional painting and are constructed of a similar layer based logic. Both “Gradients” and “Digital Painterly” deal with the data-bending process and aim to adopt the physical qualities of a painting and perform them on digital environment. Unary operators edit the pixel orders of an image resulting in complex graphics. “Anterior Forms” exhibit these graphics both in the realm of digital imagery and architecture. The graphic works are translated into architectural facade systems, where each pixel can be considered as a building material.

The Exhibition took place with the contribution of Sankt Georgs Absolventenverein - Oesterreich.