Echoing his work in architecture, in his practice as an artist, he questions the limitations of the two disciplines.

Şevki Pekin Architecture
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Digital Tapestries

Los Angeles, California, United States

Installation, 2014

Digital Tapestries took place at SCI-Arc, as a part of visual study course held by Elena Manferdini. 

Digital tapestries is a silent protest against the current cliché in our discipline that interior is a field secondary to architecture or even excluded from architecture. Interior is able to follow and lead architectural logics, with the flexibility to move on the razor blade of personal and public, imagination and reality, inside and outside. More than architecture, interiors impact our perception and stage our way of living. Theatricality, illusionism, cunning deception, ephemerality are the ingredients that attract viewers’ attention, allowing the environment to really perform in architectural terms, crafting the response of an audience that architecture so loudly strives to achieve.