Echoing his work in architecture, in his practice as an artist, he questions the limitations of the two disciplines.

Şevki Pekin Architecture
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Hasköy, İstanbul, Turkey

Installation, 2017

Exhibited at Hasköy Yarn Factory, Istanbul, Turkey within NoLAB ‘Made in Türkiye’ Show. April 2017.

NonCorrelated is a video installation by Ömer Pekin & Sven Winkler.The work exists of six wall sculptures placed in a steel frame and an immersive video that interacts with these physical works.

NonCorrelated promotes the multitude of realities in today’s world within a complex composition. The composition investigates the impact of computer-based imagery and a unique painterly effect. Digitally created images have the tectonic qualities of a traditional painting and are constructed within a similar layer based logic.

Layering is used as a procedural technique that multiplies and overlays correlating realities on top of each other. The existence of independent realities in a greater framework describes an extended chaotic realm where each part of the composition acts independently of its neighboring objects. Ironically, the smaller autonomous parts create a new whole that is then perceived as a new independent composition.

Much like an individual in today’s society, the cells in NonCorrelated have their own independent existence. Together they form a whole that is inseparable to its parts. This process establishes multiple ways to access or understand the formal ambitions of the project. By oscillating between one whole and an arrangement of multiple wholes, it creates a composition that, through the perception of its observer, has a fundamentally unstable status.