Echoing his work in architecture, in his practice as an artist, he questions the limitations of the two disciplines.

Şevki Pekin Architecture
15 ×

The Uncanny. The Real. The Epiphany

Versus Art Project, İstanbul, Turkey

Exhibition, 2018

The Uncanny. The Real. The Epiphany was Ömer Pekin’s solo show at Versus Art Project. The exhibtion was designed as a whole, spatial artwork.

The Uncanny. The Real. The Epiphany aims to redefine the traditional perception of material and painterly composition, presenting the object as an artwork itself, as well as a concept that interacts with the spectator. By explaining the state of being of objects as a practice that appeals to the senses, the exhibition advocates that each object is unique and presents its own reality though senses.

The exhibition, consisting of three dimensional forms and installations, allows viewers to adopt new layers of awareness by experiencing and interacting with the works. With the formation of such interactive territory between the objects and senses, one is distanced from the possibility of a constant accuracy. The concept of different, new and subjective reality emerges with the spectator's reinterpretation of the works according to their own.

The newly emerged narrative presents itself as the core element of the exhibition, giving birth to different levels of perception through the performative interaction between objects, along with the spectator’s active role within the show. Ömer Pekin displays a variety of works which interact with auditory, visual, and tactile senses, while positioning the elements of color and light as the essential materials of his pieces.